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Disclaimer: wmforkplop will not enlarge your kernel. Indeed it will not enlarge anything, and yes, this page looks like the wmhdplop one.


2006-12-01 wmforkplop 0.9.3 fixes the "wrong process name" bug.
2005-06-17 wmforkplop 0.9.2 fixes some bugs.
2004-07-14 wmforkplop 0.9.1 takes the Bastille.
2004-07-11 \o/ wmforkplop 0.9.0 is out.


shot 1 Everything is quiet.. for now
shot 2 I'm just scrolling a page in firefox… The color of process names show that firefox-bin is mine, while Xfree86 is a process of root.
shot3 Look ! it's init! As you can see (with a magnifying glass), its PID is 1, it has 35 chidren and is currently sleeping. It consumed 0.1 sec of CPU time, and has been running for more than 4 hours. Its resident size is 508k and it total size (including swaped pages) is 1.5MB. For more details, see the README.
shot 4 I just clicked on init, and now I'm ready to shoot this bastard !
shot 5 wmforkplop after a reboot.
48x48 shot1 48x48 shot2 gnome shot
wmforkplop --48 wmforkplop swallowed by the gnome-swallow meta-applet.


wmforkplop is yet another dockapp for WindowMaker, or any windowmanager/desktop environment that handles dockapps (KDE has a dockbar extension, and gnome swallows). It is a mixture between wmhdplop and the great wmtop: wmforkplop monitors your processes by sending visual stimuli to your cortex each time your kernel forks or kills a process. Try to compile a kernel and enjoy the wmforkplop show!



If your consider trying wmforkplop, I highly encourage you to install the developpement package of imlib2 and libgtop2. Compile/install wmforkplop as usual: ./configure && make && su -c 'make install'. Take a look at the numerous and glittering options of wmforkplop with the -h flag and read the README.


Requirements: Download wmforkplop-0.9.3 (changelog)
Download wmforkplop packages or older versions.
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