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Disclaimer: wmhdplop will not enlarge your hard-drive. Indeed it will not enlarge anything. Please stop sending emails about enlargement, I don't want to be enlarged.


2007/04/20 wmhdplop 0.9.9 a micro-fix because wmhdplop did not detect any hd on my feisty fawn (confusion between /dev/sda and /dev/mapper/sda)
2006/12/01 wmhdplop 0.9.8 fixes some minor glitches.
2005/06/17 wmhdplop 0.9.7 fixes a small memory leak and tolerates swapless configurations.
2004/07/14 wmhdplop 0.9.6 is out ! (bugfixes related to gkhdplop, and support of 48x48 and 56x56 docks).
2004/07/07 wmhdplop and gkrellm-hdplop are now in Debian Sid \o/ Thanks Gürkan! And wmhdplop 0.9.5 is out !
2004/04/06 0.9.4 is out.. 0.9.3 was broken with respect to devfs. This one is better. It is stronger. It is more robust. It is a good one.
2004/04/06 0.9.3 is a bugfixed 0.9.2. Crash less. Works better. Should recognize scsi drives. And even raid arrays.
2004/04/04 0.9.2 is out thanks to dae, who added gkrellm support (gkhdplop).
2003/18/12 0.9.1 is out with better support for gnome-swallow, and undocked-mode.
2003/07/12 \o/ houpla has put wmhdplop in the Mandrake cooker contribs, and built an rpm for the mdk 9.2.


shot 1 Everything is quiet.. for now
shot 2 I'm untarring the kernel sources. Things are getting serious (yellow/green = read, red = write ops)
shot3 kswapd is waking up..(green = swapin, red = swapout)
shot 4 Maybe that 10000x10000 platypus picture was too big for the gimp
shot 5 wmhdplop can also display some useful informations
shot 6 wow it has several glittering color schemes
gnome shot wmhdplop loves the gnome-swallow meta-applet -- config used for this example here.
gkhdplop was born with release 0.9.2, you can see it in action here.
New ! wmhdplop : The Movie.


wmhdplop is yet another dockapp for WindowMaker, or any windowmanager/desktop environment that handles dockapps (KDE has a dockbar extension, and gnome swallows). It monitors your hard-drives by sending visual stimuli to your cortex each time your /dev/hdx (or /dev/sdx) writes or reads anything. Try to launch openoffice and enjoy the wmhdplop show! (loading these kitties in mozilla also works).
gkhdplop is the gkrellm port of wmhdplop. You can thank (or not) dae for this port by sending a short message on his board:



If your consider trying wmhdplop, I highly encourage you to install the developpement package of imlib2. Compile/install wmhdplop as usual: ./configure && make && su -c 'make install'. Take a look at the numerous and glittering options of wmhdplop with the -h flag. Since imlib2 only supports ttf fonts, you may have to download/install some of them (wmhdplop prefers Arial_Black from the msttcorefonts, or the Vera ones).


Requirements: Download wmhdplop-0.9.9 (includes gkhdplop) (changelog)
Download wmhdplop packages or older versions.


"The road is straight, but the slope is strong." Jean-Pierre.
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